Drinks Monitoring & Control
for Pubs, Clubs & Hotels
Drinkbrook XACTROCOUNT™ electronic flowmeters together with XACTROCOUNT™
electronic dispense valves provide complete portion control and monitoring of drinks.
  • XACTROCOUNT™ dispense control valve used in conjunction with XACTROCOUNT™ Electronic Flowmeter provides the complete solution to automatic dispense.

  • Easily programmable to any drink size.

  • Stock control features of XACTROCOUNT™ provide an additional operational bonus

Required Products
XACTROCOUNT™ DBS121 Display Flowmeter.
XACTROCOUNT™ DBS122/DV Dispense Valve.
DBS122/PU Power Unit.
For Information on components included in the Xactrocount™ Dispense Monitoring Sysytem
Xactrocount™ is a trademark of Drinkbrook Enterprises Ltd.