Drinks Monitoring & Control
for Pubs, Clubs & Hotels
Drinkbrook XACTROCOUNT™ electronic flowmeters on your dispense
lines provide complete monitoring of dispensed drinks.
  • Displays dispense quantities of beer, wine, pre-mix etc.

  • Simple calibration for any dispense size.

  • Secure count display can only be reset by manager 'Key'.

  • Memorises the count even when power is off.

  • Links to cash tills (EPOS) and computer-based systems allowing for accurate reconciliation of cash take and stock usage.

  • Is compatible with existing systems and standard pipe fittings

Required Products
XACTROCOUNT™ DBS121 Display Flowmeter.
DBS121/PU8 Power Unit.

For Information on components included in the Xactrocount™ Dispense Monitoring Sysytem
Xactrocount™ is a trademark of Drinkbrook Enterprises Ltd.